Friday, July 23, 2010

What is Simple. Sophistication. ™???

As We Explored the Art of editing your collection at Now & Again yesterday, we also uncovered our philosophy of Simple. Sophistication. ™ :

To put it 'simply'...

1.  Using your existing pieces to their best ability (both function & aesthetic)
2.  Living well with what you have and knowing when to get rid of pieces you have so that your great objects stand alone in their proper place.  Knowing that of your budget there are ways to make it go further than others--choose wisely!!
3.  Knowing that when you choose to edit and downsize or regroup part of the cleansing process is to let go of the 'wrong pieces'
4.  When you let go of them, instead of donating them, consign them or list them on the appropriate online service to try to recoup a little cash to stretch your budget...
5.  With the little cash you recoup apply it forward to your design plan to make your home a simple sophisticated place to live well and enjoy life's best moments. 

We also explored in the Q&A Session immediately following a few how not to do's and a few how do I do's!!! 

1.  When you are looking for a great piece of upholstery remember it is not always more economical to buy used and recover at 16-20 yards of fabric even if it is $20 per yard you quickly end up topping $2,000 for a redone sofa that may or may not leave you desiring more for comfort and aesthetic. 
2.  Remember to let your homes architecture dictate functional aesthetic when it comes to panels that would interrupt a door swing.
3.  In a room centered in your home with no windows and doors--lacquer the paneled walls and add two pairs of sconces to brighten the space and add architectural interest, layering books and objects of art to further set it apart visually. 

Would love to have you join us for our upcoming event at Sandy Springs Antiques and Interiors as we put together a room while you watch!!  August 19th 7-9pm to RSVP space is limited reply soon...

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  1. Laura I love these ideas! I will print this out and refer to it often!