Saturday, August 28, 2010

Carrying COLOR Throughout...a sneak preview

Sneak Preview of our Latest Editorial...TheSimpleSophisticate. ™

As designers we are setting the stage for a dramatic entry into each space we design. The major sight lines and impact zones in a project are carried through by an equal distribution of color and the visual weight it carries.

We are working on this really amazing home this month in Roswell that has layer upon layer of color mixed with a warm mink tone carried throughout the public zones. The clients are not afraid to use color or texture to carry the weight throughout and help me in balancing the overall concept. Of course, she isn’t afraid to use color being that at a very young age her work was featured in Vogue as a leading colorist for Fredrick Fekkai—5th Avenue NY, NY…

So getting back to what I was saying, color should be distributed with a sophisticated thought process—it needs to be present in a way so that it feels natural and planned at the same time. I always hear from people, how do you do ‘that’?? Well years of training and work are the real answer, but you can do this too with a few simple steps:

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

September Issue Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles...

September 2010 Issue of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Special Thanks to the wonderful editors & publisher of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles for the mention of us in their hot new September Issue...

Happy Reading...If you have not...checked out their blog, I highly recommend it for a great local and not so local vantage point at the same time...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Art of Simple. Sophistication.™

And Using What You Have Well!!  We continued to explore ratios & scale focusing on design, while we put together two rooms using the philosophy of Simple. Sophistication. ™ at Sandy Springs Antiques & Interiors. 

The room pictured is the second vignette we designed, we used multiple layers of unexpected finishes including--an urban stainless steel chest paired with a vintage Trumeau Mirror and rustic whitewashed columns turned floor lamp.  Special Note: These rooms were pulled together in 30 minutes using what we could source in the store only...A few style tips to follow:

Here is one of the rooms we designed while you watched last Thursday...
Style Secret: There is no secret, it is all about the art of scale & balance.  It does not have to take a small fortune to put a room together well, it takes a few simple rules & a bit of training.   Both of the rooms we put together each of their combined cost was under $11K.  That being said of course, we work with all types of budgets using each piece to the best of its ability...Whether your budget is $5k, $50K or $500k it is possible to achieve your design aesthetic and enjoy your edited lifestyle!!!

Style Secret:  Using each piece in your collection in its best use, then purchasing with a trained eye or at least discerning can save you money and energy in the long run.  Most of my clients own wonderful found/inherited objects & pieces. Edit your collection and then source as needed new pieces to finish it well...What you choose to let go is every bit as important as what you choose to keep!!

Style Secret:  As you edit make sure you study the symmetry and asymmetry of the space plan & architecture.  Once your plans have been tweaked and well thought out--look for the perfect finishing pieces.  It is almost like putting a puzzle together backwards...

Special Thanks to:
Rhonda & Associates of Antiques & Interiors of Sandy Springs
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles
The Roswell Current

6336 Roswell Rd. NE

Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Thursday, August 12, 2010

You Are Invited...A Design Event

You are invited to join us for our biggest design event of the year...Bring a friend or two while we uncover the art of Simple. Sophistication. ™ while we put together a room of your choice while you watch. 

Thursday August 19th 7-9pm

Sandy Springs Antiques & Interiors hosts us while we use the principals of scalability, balance and symmetry to deliver a room on budget.  Space is Limited RSVP

Wine & Cheese will be served

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Panache in Layers...

With these salmon colored cut velvets, box quilted and handpainted linens

we are seeing a return of color and emphasis on the piece determining the collection...

In the midst of all these incredible layers of fabric a design for our latest project in Panama is coming into view...