Saturday, August 28, 2010

Carrying COLOR Throughout...a sneak preview

Sneak Preview of our Latest Editorial...TheSimpleSophisticate. ™

As designers we are setting the stage for a dramatic entry into each space we design. The major sight lines and impact zones in a project are carried through by an equal distribution of color and the visual weight it carries.

We are working on this really amazing home this month in Roswell that has layer upon layer of color mixed with a warm mink tone carried throughout the public zones. The clients are not afraid to use color or texture to carry the weight throughout and help me in balancing the overall concept. Of course, she isn’t afraid to use color being that at a very young age her work was featured in Vogue as a leading colorist for Fredrick Fekkai—5th Avenue NY, NY…

So getting back to what I was saying, color should be distributed with a sophisticated thought process—it needs to be present in a way so that it feels natural and planned at the same time. I always hear from people, how do you do ‘that’?? Well years of training and work are the real answer, but you can do this too with a few simple steps:

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