Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sneak Preview...To Tweet or are we Twits?

Photographs Courtesy of Brad Ford ID

I had the pleasure of taking part in this wonderful discussion with Design Therapy’s Brad Ford hosted by ADAC last week. The topic was the use of social media marketing, Facebook, twitter, blogging and other web based media outlets. His view was that it is now a necessary credibility factor for small business owners and other creative fields. The circular movement between the different resources becomes imperative to convey strategic messaging. In his words great ideas and concepts 'become viral' in their nature on the internet...

There are so many blogs and other online editorial resources out there, it is important to differentiate yourself from the competition. “Websites are static, blogs are a constant conversation” Expert designer Brad Ford (a fellow twitter user with 13,000+ followers’) feels that the way we are connected is becoming a very necessary media.

Design Therapy’s Blog has timely and informative third party information that is not focused on self-promotion—a common thread among successful industry blogs. Of course the intriguing part of blogs is that they are somewhat personal and much more interesting than that of a highly edited editorial—and that can be the drawback if the blogger or owner does not focus on readership or relevance. The other great offering of blogs is much more detailed information on how to or unique ways to look at projects. It is almost like having a bird’s eye view into the day to day life of designers, artist, architects and photographers.

To get the most current design news and style secrets design enthusiasts must now look directly to the inspiration and sources/designers as so many journals and magazines have fallen. The great news is these are relatively free hobby reading and can become very much of a friendly resource. Bloggers & their subscribers are loyal and tend to be able to point one another in the right direction as well as Facebook fans and twitter users.  The jury is still out but I recommend several of the following to get you started reading up the minute industry news:  Enjoy!  Laura

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