Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lone Star...Texas or Bust...

All Images Photographed by: Maggie Wooldridge Campbell
The Lone Star State amazed me as we explored different venues and learned to appreciate the collections of various dealers and showroom owners.  Particularly fascinating was the collection at Abraham's Rugs, with a noteworthy clients, Sam Abraham began his collection in 1974...

We spoke of different tribes and families in Iran, Turkey and India perusing so many wonderful rugs.  The colors and knotting techniques intriguing and beguiling at once.  The patterns of the Oushak and patina of time make them universal in their inclusion of simple and monochromatic design intentions.  The wonderfully aged Serape & Sarouk rugs took my breath away as we looked at detail that one can only imagine in some faraway place was knotted by hand in a pattern so intricate that it puts the Sistine chapel on the same plane. 

This one amazing piece had this form  repeated over and over again reminding me of a Nautilus pompilius, cephalopod. 

"Fun with Math as far back as the ancient Greeks, the shell of the chambered nautilus has been a symbol of perfection. This shell can be described mathematically as a logarithmic spiral. It is often confused with a very specific type of logarithmic spiral that the Ancient Greeks described. This special logarithmic spiral has a ratio of 1:1.618 and is called The Golden Ratio or the Divine Proportion (See: The Nautilus Shell Spiral). In truth, while Nautilus is a beautiful example of a Logarithmic spiral, it is not in the proportions of The Golden Ratio. Please see the article by John Sharp that proves this." 

Here are a few of the amazing pieces we unrolled during our design seminar at Abraham's Rugs, Houston, Texas.  Special Thank You to Sam Abraham for hosting the event. 

Houston Decorative Arts Center

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