Thursday, May 27, 2010

Seeking Style that Transcends the Common Trend...

Seeking Style that is transcendent of the common trend is becoming harder to do with the information superhighway and availability of goods worldwide...

As designers we constantly strive for a well collected look that sets us apart from 'the pack' so to speak, with the access of the markets online and mass marketing conglomerates that is becoming harder to do.  But I will argue the point that pulling it all together is still a craft that bears heavy weight in this market.  We are busier than ever and enjoying the way we are working with so many different types of projects.  Continuing to guide the specification and sourcing process for each project.  

This amazing pottery collection is one of my recent favorites...available at

Although the material objects are easier to find, the definition of them and appropriate uses seems to be becoming more rare.  The more I see~ the more I am left wanting a more palatable way of pulling items from artisans across the globe.  

A few weeks ago we ordered this amazing one of kind piece for a client's Keeping Room, it is a tremendous let down when you then realize that this piece may or may not make it's way stateside without being imitated or copied by another onlooker using his vantage point to create objects for a mass production.  Sacrificing quality yet again for easy access and the almighty profit.  Arguably it is getting harder to discern quality & authenticity or do people even care anymore???

So as you seek your personal style...more to come, late to a meeting...

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