Friday, February 26, 2010

Sneak Preview to March's Editorial...

Form vs. Function in Your Home, Where it matters…
By: Laura Green Thome
Not yet released to be published March 1, 2010

Many times I am asked by clients if I had to choose form vs. function, which would I choose? The answers I wish were a simple one! Yet it has so many facets and is so much deeper than one might think. When it comes to your home there are many moving parts and many areas that significantly change annually or seasonally, this makes it completely impossible to always choose one over the other. Remember, when you were young, your grandmother told you never to use never or always. The same is true when it comes to this question! I have included different areas of your home where one matters over the other and my recommendations in each area. Enjoy these photographs done by Blayne Beacham of my personal prep kitchen and Living Room!

Photographed By: Blayne Beacham

Let’s start with the heart of the home the kitchen: In your kitchen whether you have an eat-in or a galley you spend a great deal of time there as do your guests and family. Kitchens are definitely about function first and foremost, form being the secondary consideration when designing. That being said the form with which you enhance the function can make all the difference in your home evoking that feeling you are aiming for. I recommend the ‘cooking triangle’ when setting up your sink, refrigerator & cook top/stove. This simple geometric configuration minimizes steps involved in preparation and eases the wear and tear on your body over a lifetime. Larger kitchens are not always better, although they make for great entertaining! Many times when designing a large kitchen the triangle is still used for the preparation area to promote ease for whomever may be cooking. More to come... 

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