Monday, February 1, 2010

Dear Designer, January 2010

Dear Designer, I recently renovated a small space with light walls and am having window treatments made for a pair of French doors. I plan on having full-length panels made floor to ceiling but am curious if I should have grommets or pleats at the top to complete the look? Marge, Roswell

Dear Marge,
I would definately go for the classic pleats in the type of space you are describing. While the grommet look is very on trend right now it really is not a classic treatment for an interior space. My favorite two pleats are a Goblet pleat or a French pleat -- both allow the material to move naturally and give a full body to the drapery panel. I also recommend doing at minimum a width and a half for each panel, as the pleating takes up several inches of width per pleat. You want each panel to look nice and full, not skimpy. The only application for which I really recommend grommets is in an outdoor room such as a lanai or screened room with an outdoor entertaining area. The grommets allow for easy sliding along the rod and keep there from being too many folds in the material, retaining moisture. Let us know how they turn out and send in a picture! -Laura


  1. Great Advice Laura! I wrote so much about you on my blog yesterday! Your "ears" must have been burning!