Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sneak Preview...October Editorial 2010

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Recently I was doing a two hour consultation for a great friend of mine who happened to win a free in home consultation at our last Design Event with Sandy Springs Antiques & Interiors—well never knowing what to expect during a first time house call…

We explored using her existing collection to the best of its ability, rearranging her furnishings to equal weight and balance the space visually, here are a few tips you can try yourself:

1. Placement. When arranging, it is easy to try to ‘stage’ your home as you would see it featured in a magazine, however keep in mind, the homes you see in magazines are authentic but have been put together for the photo shoot, moving collections around to ‘force the shot’ is common at a photo-shoot…So in light of that, you need to arrange your home to live well not look like a magazine. In the photo below: we split the matching pair of French cabriole leg chairs with needlepoint cushion to further draw your eye around the space and to balance the visual weight of the settee on the far wall, the ottoman was also centered for a more layered approach. The only thing missing now is a large sisal rug to pull it all together.

2. Bookcases. The collector I worked with has a sophisticated collection of traditional art and antiques but a more transitional blend of upholstery with nickel nail heads and a pair of really great cabriole leg chairs cushioned in a classic French needlepoint. For her symmetrical bookcases a little tweaking was necessary. We pulled a fine china plates that were clustered around eye level to the top shelf flanking a pair of Oak Leaf objects. This allowed for a more balanced and warm feeling right off the bat.

Read more at this upcoming weekend...

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